Fitness Education – Consulting

Fitness Education – Consulting

Fitness education with a guaranteed ROI

Do you own or operate a fitness facility and need to provide educational content for your staff?

Provide your team with fitness education that will not only help your members but increase your bottom line revenue from fitness services.

As an education consultant I will conduct a needs analysis for your facility to identify the types of members who could receive the greatest benefit from personal fitness services. I will then develop and deliver education to your staff so they, in turn, can provide fitness solutions to your members.

My services don’t just end with the workshop. Through follow-up coaching I will work with your managers for ninety days after the workshop to ensure that the trainers are properly implementing what they learned. Working with your management team we can ensure that trainers who participate in the education improve their revenue generation and closing percentages

In June 2012 I was honored with being featured in Personal Fitness Professional magazine

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