Do you like to work-out and get your sweat on?  An effective exercise program doesn’t have to hurt to produce results, but it does have to engage your muscles in the right way. My favorite compliment to receive (and one that I hear often): “At first the workout didn’t seem that hard, but wow, I really felt it the next day.”

Moving in all directions with different loads and varying speeds will use all of your muscles which can help create a more youthful tissue structure. Additionally the use of high intensity exercises: strength/power training or sprinting and plyometrics is an effective way to stimulate the muscle fibers responsible for giving you a toned, sculpted appearance as well as the hormones that provide significant anti-aging benefits.

The good news is that you don’t need a fancy health club to get the above results from your workouts. You can get a great workout with only one piece of equipment if you know which movements to do.

If you want new ideas for your programs or are interested in using exercise to hold on to your youth, check back often for workouts and exercises that will have you using muscles you didn’t know you had and producing results you can’t get anywhere else…



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