Medicine Ball Circuit

Medicine Ball Circuit

Don’t have much time for a workout? Limited space and budget? A medicine ball is an extremely functional workout tool with tons of versatility. Here’s a quick little workout that is fun and effective!

Use a heavy medicine ball that will make 8-10 repetitions challenging.

Circuit: 8-10 reps each exercise (on each side of exercise)

No rest between exercises; rest 90 sec after all exercises; repeat 2-4 times.

Medicine Ball Romanian Deadlift (RDL)

RDL start   RDL Finish

Keep knees slightly bent, spine straight, push weight back into hips and heels while keeping a straight spine

Great for: inner thighs, glutes, hamstrings, deep core stabilizers

TIP – pull knees back as returning to standing


Medicine Ball PNF Lift

medball lift 1   medball lift 2

Sink into left hip, push off left leg, swing ball over right shoulder while rotating left hip

Great for: hips, thighs, glutes, obliques, back and biceps


Medicine Ball Chop

Chop start  Chop finish

Sink into hips while holding ball in front, press feet into ground and swing ball overhead as moving to standing position

Great for: thighs, hips, core, back and shoulders


Lateral Lunge with Trunk Rotation

Lateral lunge with trunk rotation

Start with feet hip-width apart, step to right side, as right foot hits-rotate over right leg.

Great for: Outer thighs, hips, glutes, obliques

Tip: keep spine straight, rotate into hip



Slam start

Had a bad day at work? Slams are a great exercise as well as an awesome stress reliever

Keep arms straight (do not bend elbows) pull ball straight down into floor-watch out, it could bounce right back up. NO REST between reps

Great for: back, triceps, hips, core


Medicine Ball Push-up

Medball Push-up

Push-ups switching ball between hands, keep hips and legs straight (push feet into ground while squeezing glutes for stability)

Great for: chest, shoulders, triceps, core




Hold ball over chest, pull belly button to spine while shifting rib cage towards hips, roll back off ground

Great for: core, abs

Tip: exhale up, inhale down

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